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Send Web Push Notifications to Joomla User Groups with JoomPush 1.3


Push Notifications being the new age engagement triggering entity, we’re trying to make is simpler and better for Joomlers. JoomPush being the only Web Push Notification system for Joomla that offers innovative features like sending Web Push Notifications in groups. We thought of taking this to new heights for the Admins who want some notifications to be sent to people with some specific roles on your site.

The New Stuff

Joomla User Group Integration

You might want to ditch the traditional Email Marketing if you’re looking to send targeted emails to your users for quick engagements. JoomPush now automatically creates Groups as per your Joomla user groups, then you can send targeted Web Push Notifications for Quick Engagements. With last JoomPush release we had introduced Web Push Notifications for Joomla Admins, what can be better than this?

How will this work?

If it is a guest user and clicks the “Allow” notification Pop-up he will be subscribed to the Default JoomPush group. However, if the user Logs in and the clicks the “Allow” Notification Pop-up he will be subscribed to that particular user group which is assigned to it.

Quick Push Button

A quick button on the dashboard using which Admin will be able to send instant notifications by just selecting the message template and the user group.

JoomPush is architectured in such a way that we’re planning to make any Joomla extension integration a breeze in future. Grab your hands on the best Web Push Notification system for Joomla! We’re also thinking of adding Notifications scheduling feature in the future releases. Stay tuned for that!


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JoomPush 1.2 out now with j2store integration & more...


We have always wanted to make the people aware about how easy it is to notify your viewers with Push Notifications compared to the traditional notification methods. Apart from marketing your product and service, Push notifications can also be used to keep yourself updated about your own online business process running in the background.

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Web Push Notifications for Joomla gets better with JoomPush!

Web Push Notifications for Joomla gets better with JoomPush!

Web Push Notifications are the new age marketing boosters that can get you an instant engagement with your subscribers and also is less painful setting it up than any other Newsletters. Push notifications are preferred for short messages which you have to convey it to your subscribers instantly. We are excited to launch JoomPush which is a Web Push Notifications system for Joomla, with which you can do a lot of things.

Let's get to know more about it!

Multiple browser Compatibility

Works seamlessly with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera (Desktop). People coming from all these browsers on your site are all your potential Push Notification subscribers.

Works with SSL

For security reasons and efficient working of the Push Notification it is mandatory to have SSL certificate on the site.

Multiple Device Compatibility.

It is said that on an average over 65% of the people daily browse internet on their smart phones. JoomPush has got it covered. It doesn’t matter where your subscriber is coming from it can be a Desktop, Laptop, Tab or a phone. If he is subscribed from that browser he will receive the notifications on that device.

Simple Admin Dashboard

A Dashboard which get admin an overview of the day to day activities of the subscribers and the notifications. In future versions we will also  see to it that we try to introduce Notification tracking.

Groups Support

There might be some cases where you want to send a notifications for a specific group of people. You can create groups in JoomPush and send Push notifications to that group.

Note: This feature is currently in Beta

Create Different Notifications Templates

Notification templates can be created for sending different notifications. The Icon in the notifications is also customizable. Notifications will be sent with the Icon, heading and a 253 character text. Templates which are already created can also be reused.

Integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging Service

All the Push Notifications will be sent through Firebase Cloud messaging service, which is free. That is why unlike other extensions you will not have to pay for both, the extension and the service. JoomPush is all in one.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Even if you have a lot of subscribers, it doesn’t change anything for JoomPush. It will send Push notifications efficiently to all of them.

Subscribe for updates

Taking care of one's privacy and not spamming all the ones who are visiting your site with your Notifications, we have made sure that only those who subscribe will receive the notifications.

Give call to action

Push notifications can be linked and are clickable. Instant redirection on your site creates faster engagement.

Early Bird offer!

Get JoomPush now at a 25% OFF!


Vaild till: 11th Feb 2017


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