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Latest Updates

This is the Weppsol Blog Portal!
With this release JoomReporter is getting a cool new functionality. We have also made sure that the user experience is better than before and let admins have all the stats by look at the newly introduced dashboard. There are a few more additions to this. Let’s get into the details
Before we dive deep, let's get to know what exactly a bitcoin is. Many of us are unaware what it is, how it works and are scared to experiment it with their business (I was one of them). Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency (Digital currency where encryption is used) which you won’t be able to touch and feel like coins or notes (for obvious reasons) and it just gets transferred from one Bitcoin wallet to other, the most important part why this is one of a kind is because there are no Banks involved in the transaction.
Every person who has a website is always concerned about what kind of content is being published on the site. The content represents the Brand and the kind of audience it will attract. If someone else has the authority to publish the content, we as a admin have minimal control over it. In that case allowing the users to report unwanted content and